Doctors are in charge of one of the most pivotal aspects of society, which is healthcare. In modern times of increased health problems where healthcare has become expensive, we have to look up to the good doctors who are working for humanity without asking for anything in return. In the previous paragraph, we discussed the various reasons why a doctor is essential to uphold the social system.

Doctors provide healthcare and seamless services for the nation. They are critical in sustaining the structure of the constitution that talks about equal treatment for all. Doctors cannot discriminate on the basis of the patients' history and deny treatment.


The Doctors in our country and several other states are selected through the use of grueling and cumbersome selection procedures. The exams are confusing and hard to crack. The systems are complicated because of the profession, which calls for strict testing. The doctors are entrusted with the duty of saving lives, and hence it is important to know if they are trustworthy. Many doctors are essential in the field of research. They not only help build a better and healthier country but also provide for important medicines that can save lives.

An organization called Doctors without borders helps provide free and cheap healthcare to the rural areas of various countries across the world. These doctors travel to the interiors of the world where diseases are common and often incurable. They find medicines and treatments for the same through vigorous research and documentation. They document rare cases and medical problems to find a solution for the same in the long run.


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